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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Website Hoarder?

    Website Hoarder offers free tool to instantly value any website to find its established dollar value. Websites are investments-- not just pages with designs and content-- lucrative rapid growing investments that retain value. Our expert team helps clients create, grow and manage their website investment successfully.

  • How do you find the dollar value of my site?

    The Website Hoarder free website valuation tool algorithm takes into account the 5 most important factors when determining the dollar value of a site including the age of the site, how many unique visitors are seeing the site each month, the net revenue (after expenses) the website is yielding as well as the amount already invested into developing the site as well as global Alexa Rank. We combine these factors to come up with an accurate approximate of the current dollar value of a site. All valuations are estimated. To get a more accurate evaluation get in touch with our team for a free consultation

  • Do you create websites?

    Website Hoarder offers premium website design and development services. Our creative and talented team develop high end websites. We create websites that convert. Take your idea/vision and bring it to life with our services. Our web design services are aimed to get you best ROI from your website project. Consult with our team for free consultation for your website project. See portfolio on http://www.websitehoarder.com/web-design-services.php

  • How can Website Hoarder help my site?

    Website Hoarder will bring your website to its greatest potential. First, we will review your website and provide expert free consulting and advice on what we recommend to ensure your website has the visual presentation and appeal and monetization outlet to attract and create customers. This is the first and most important step because it will make sure your website is converting most visitors to make your marketing cost effective. Secondly, with our 90 day website value/monthly web marketing packages you can expect our services to directly increase your monthly inbound revenue as well as overall website value. Our goal is to bring your website to its highest value.

  • How do your services improve my website value?

    In brief our services aim to improve 4 major areas of your website to increase the value including monthly revenue, monthly visitors, alexa ranking and visual appeal of the web page. We work to boost the overall monthly income yielded from your website by monetizing your pages effectively both visually and functionally to get the website converting more visitors. Our web marketing campaign services will greatly increase your inbound web visitors and web rankings which contributes to greater overall value of the web business .We are constantly adapting and improving our web services to stay with the times; incorporating mobile and creative elements to stay ahead of the game, we dont settle, we adapt, improve and take advantage of all opportunities available for our clients short term and long term success.

  • What is the refund policy on services?

    We provide full refunds if we are unable to carry out or follow through with services for any reason.

  • How Do I Get Started?

    Get in touch with our team through the website contact form, via email @ websitehoarder@gmail.com to discuss your website investment or call us today to speak to representative +1-408-335-7610